Want some dull copy turned into an exciting account?

Perhaps you need a legalistic, two-dimensional description of something significant made into a personal experience that leaps off the page.

Carl can do this for you.

He did this for a Federations magazine article about the new Canadian government system BizPal . First he interviewed a young couple who were able to start a business together with help from the system. Then he used the system to run the numbers and permits he needed to create his dream business,  Carl’s Cafe.

Instant Info from a Federal System (PDF)


Explaining a complex process?

Perhaps you’re frustrated by trying to explain a complex process to an audience.

Carl can do this for you.

He did this in telling the story of a new communications protocol, ISDN for Canadian Business magazine. He kicked off his article with a quote from one consultant who saw gold in them thar hills and said it could be short for “I Smell Dollars Now.”

Keeping Up with the Future (PDF)

The Electronic Autobahn (PDF)

Need your history written?

Never had the time – or enough staff – to write a short history of your organization?

Carl can do this for you.

He did this for Canadian Friends Service Committee
This NGO was not the only actor in this book – there were chapters on other groups because the agency also inspired Canadian Quakers and others to create or join other groups to cross borders and make peace.

pages 10-15 of Crossing Borders (PDF)

Want some shifty actors exposed?

Maybe you need a compelling account of a problem or injustice that your organization is exposing or overcoming.

Carl can do this for you.

He did this as a staff writer for the Etobicoke Gazette. Carl wrote a review of a popular book about the Investors Overseas Services (IOS) mutual fund swindle by Bernie Cornfeld, after reading the book “Do You Sincerely Want to Be Rich?” and interviewing one of the lawyers who exposed the scandal.

The Great Stock Swindle (JPEG)


Need some research done to produce a serious academic analysis of a subject?

Carl can do this for you.

He did this for Nonviolent Peaceforce, which in 2010 had 133 unarmed civilian peacekeepers in three countries.

In 2001, before the official founding conference of this organization, a comprehensive feasibility study needed to be written. Carl wrote the chapter “Facing down the guns: When has nonviolence failed?”

When nonviolence failed (PDF)

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