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Wordsmith Tools

Chicago Manual of Style
… Find freebies here or subscribe online

Editors Association of Canada
… Find just the right seminars, presentations and editors

… Read, review, meet, write, comment

Office national québécois de la langue française:
Banque de dépannage linguistique/la rédaction et la communication
Le grand dictionnaire terminologique

Questions and Quandaries, a Writer’s Digest column by Brian A. Klems
…Advice on the techniques and legal implications of writing, blogging and publishing

…Create your own lexicographic graphic!


Promotion , Publicity , Career Tools and Pizazz

CAPFLEX Networking
…Web Hosting and Web Design: Bruce Dienes can provide a toolkit and advice to get a sharp web site up and running quickly.

Mad Men Yourself
… Suits and skirts, create your avatar with a Mad Men toolkit

Queen Schmooze
…How to stand out in a crowd (real name: Michelle J. Iseman)

… news and trends from the US East Coast … not just Doonesbury!

… Canadian content, but hey, so is Queen Schmooze

Emergency Toolkit:

Business Cards Plus
…You can order as few as 100 cards from my friend Glen Dunn, and it’s cheaper than Staples

How to Find Lost Objects, by Professor Solomon
…Hilarious, and it works!

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Steve Vivian March 7, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Mr. Stieren:

I have come across a piece you wrote that was published in the Savannah News Press on October 5, 1995: “Company publishes mystery, sci-fi novels on the Internet”

I know it’s very unlikely, but are you aware of any place online where that article lives on?

Thank you,
Steve Vivian


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