Need a rewrite that a copy editor couldn’t do?

Carl can do this for you. It’s substantive editing.

He did this as Carl-Ink for the Forum of Federations
There was a competent partner agency overseas that submitted a six-month report .The work was excellent, but the report was only 80 per cent complete. It was also written by someone whose mother tongue was not English.

Carl identified the 20 per cent that was missing, reorganized the report according to the client’s needs, cut the verbiage, and put it in the voice of a native English speaker.


Need an edit that’s more than replacing words and phrases?

Carl can do this for you. It’s structural editing.

He did this as associate editor of Federations magazine
The article was written by a professor who was an expert in the field.  It was superb, but had no idea how to write a journalistic article.

Carl wrote a new lead paragraph, identified places where a quote from another expert was needed, and recast the article, as much as was necessary, in inverted pyramid style. He then returned it to the author and got his agreement on 90 per cent of the changes and persuaded him to get the necessary quotes from two experts.


Have to explain academic or government jargon to the public?

Carl can do this for you. It’s editing to provide the right text for a specific audience.

He did this for nine years for the Forum of Federations :

No more “asymmetric federalism” but rather special relationships for states or provinces with very different identities.

Good-bye “orders of government” and hello “federal, provincial (or state) and local governments.”

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