Testimonials from Others

“I’ve written five books and pamphlets and a long list of articles throughout my career.  For a number of them, what turned them from good to excellent was a skilled editor. Carl Stieren is one of those.”
–          Michael Nagler, Professor emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

“For my master’s degree and in my working life, I had written a number of academic articles, but had never written for a popular magazine. Carl Stieren took my content, my words and my voice and made them sing for the ordinary reader.”
–          Philip Gonzalez, Ottawa

“I’ve known Carl for more than two decades, and what has always amazed me is his enthusiastic commitment to the various paths he has chosen from coordinating an international NGO to technical writing to reworking  academic prose into understandable prose, Carl has always worked with passion, intelligence, integrity and good grace. ”
–          Peter Atack, PhD, sessional lecturer, Carleton University and University of Ottawa

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